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TV Black Friday 2023

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Black Friday TV deals

If you like a new TV, it will be well worth keeping an eye out on the Black Friday television deals! During Black Friday you will find great discounts on all sorts of TVs. So, wait no longer and enjoy all the TV Black Friday deals of 2021!

If you are a particularly lucky shopper, you might well end up walking away from Black Friday with a brand new television. We usually see television sets as special purchases bought when the time has come to upgrade, rather than items picked up during the sales, but the truth is that Black Friday TVs will be among the many products available for bargain prices on Black Friday. So, if you would like a new flatscreen, it will be well worth keeping your eye out. Even if you do not manage to get a new TV, perhaps you will pick up a box set of your favourite TV show!

The Black Friday Phenomenon

We have all heard about Black Friday through TV, where it is often portrayed as something of a joke: a night of mayhem as shoppers scramble to get the best bargains. Because of this reputation, many people specifically avoid being in shops on the day. However, if you decide to brave the shops, you may well be in for a real bargain. Black Friday is when an array of discounted items are yours for the taking!

Black Friday Origins

Although some assume that the name is disparaging, it originally had positive connotations: Black Friday marked the day when shops could expect to go from the red to the black. The day after Thanksgiving, which is November 24 in 2022, it is the official opening of the Christmas shopping season, and consequently the point where many shoppers have presents on their mind.

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