Black Friday UK

Black Friday 2025

Are you looking for a new television, smartphone, games console or clothing? Then the end of November is the best time for you! Why? Because that’s when you can enjoy the very best deals during the Black Friday period! Black Friday 2025 will be on Friday 28 November. So look out for that date and maybe you’ll find your new laptop or shoes at insanely discounted prices! Want to know when and where to find the best deals? Then read on!

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Black Friday 2025 in the UK

At the end of November there will be some spectacular offers and we have America to thank for that. That’s where Black Friday originated! Over the years, Black Friday has even turned into ‘Black Week’. You’ll be able to enjoy the very first Black Friday deals on the Friday before Black Friday, i.e. on 21 November. Most offers will then continue until Cyber Monday on Monday 1 December. Plenty of chances to find a good deal! So keep an eye on our website for all Black Friday deals at a glance.

The biggest players during Black Friday 2025

Lots of stores participate in Black Friday, not only in America, but in the UK too. So it’s easy to be overwhelmed by it all. That is why we’re happy to tell you which stores you should definitely keep an eye on. These are Curry’s, Amazon and Argos. They surprise us every year with remarkably good promotions. You’ll also find the very best deals in our summary of store and deals. This way you can be sure not to miss a single deal!